Pushing Myself And Lessons Learned

At some point I had to just bite the bullet, put on those running shoes and start again – and so last Wednesday I finally plucked up the self-confidence to do it. And, of course, it went better than I thought. But it was all pretty slow and ponderous with most of my thoughts taken up with the big run coming this past Sunday – an 85 minute trail run averaging around 7min/km on uneven ground.

Too connected?

I’m not a good golfer, but I do have a claim to fame – I once hit a hole in one at the Lake Taupo Hole In One challenge and won a new set of golf clubs and trolley. It was an absolute magnificent fluke of a shot, if it had been a millimetre less mishit then it would have bounced into the lake, destined to be picked up by the local frogman, employed to pick up the spherical remnants of dashed hopes from the volcanic bed.

A Life Less Ordinary

I wrote this exactly a year ago. Today’s passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the COVID-19 world we live in and my recent redundancy makes this as relevant today as it was then – and it’s certainly given me the opportunity for re-thinking how I’m going to move forward from here.

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