Plans, plans and more plans

With a period of unemployment now a certainty (T-1 days until role disestablishment and no new job!) it’s inevitable the mind looks for ways to be as productive as possible during the downtime.

And I’ll be honest, I’m torn. After six weeks or so of gardening leave – which largely consisted of panic applying for any job that remotely mentioned digital or communications, refreshing jobs sites and LinkedIn, checking work e-mails and feeling guilty about not doing any work, I feel like I should probably give my mind a couple of weeks without stressing about finding the next opportunity.

But my brain hasn’t always been kind. And so I’ve started making a list of everything that I want to accomplish until I find my next job. That includes:

  1. Writing my memoir that largely covers my weight loss/wrestling dreams of the last few years.
  2. Writing the screenplay based on my story
  3. Becoming a life coach/health coach
  4. Start training for the Tarawera Ultramarathon 21km
  5. Starting my ‘Interesting Times, Interesting People’ podcast
  6. Wait… isn’t that enough?

Nothing like setting yourself up for failure! How much I achieve will depend on how quickly I secure the next role. Or whether I decide to binge-watch the entire series of The Office for the <number hidden to avoid embarrassment> time.

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